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Five months of favours!

It has been almost five months since the launch of I Care Clothing and what a journey it has already been!

I started off with a fantastic photo shoot with my friend Liz @mylittlenorthwaleslife, who is so blooming talented but doesn't know it.I then kept it in the family and roped in the gorgeous Non as our top model, along with my tribe, Liz's daughter and my hungover husband (he would never have agreed to it had he not been!)

The photographs were better than we could have imagined and have showcased our Summer Range perfectly.

After only a few weeks of trading I saw a post pop up on my timeline calling for applications for The Rural Business Awards, I shrugged it off, well I'd only been trading a few weeks, I couldn't enter.

I left it for a couple of weeks thinking it was now too late, then I saw they had extended the deadline and there was a Rural Startup Award, sod it I thought, I'm going for it.

So after the children were in bed I sat up for three nights in a row, well into the early hours of the morning and put in my entry.

I'm not going to lie and say I forgot all about it now because I didn't! On the morning of the announced finalists and I saw our name come up and I was absolutely over the moon!

Since then lots has happened, I was approached to have my first Trade Stand at The Royal Welsh Show, a brilliant experience. Then only a few weeks ago, I was invited by The Rural Business Awards to speak on stage in the Rural Business Area at Countryfile Live! It was slightly nerve wracking but just fabulous!

Really what I'm trying to say is if you have an idea, or something you want to do just go for it. Take every opportunity, you never know what doors it might open for you.

Back to business, we are just awaiting a restock of our original lines, we then have some super new items for Winter that I love and I'm pretty sure you will too, they will be launching at the beginning of October so keep your eyes peeled!

Also after lots of requests we will have a couple of our prints in Welsh too, which we are really excited about, so watch this space.

Thank you so much for all of your support so far, remember our charity for August and September is The DPJ Foundaton so 15% of all of our profit will go straight to them.

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